Congressional App Challenge

I am pleased to announce that my office is hosting a 2018 Congressional App Challenge.

The Congressional App Challenge is a competition aimed at encouraging middle and high school students to learn how to code by creating their own applications. The Challenge is intended to highlight the value of computer science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education.

The House of Representatives knows how crucial these skills are and wants to encourage students to engage in these fields. By encouraging and recognizing our nation’s young programming talent, Congress hopes to shine a light on the growing importance of these skills.

This competition is open to all students who meet the eligibility requirements, regardless of coding experience. We strongly encourage students of all skill levels to participate, to learn how to create their own apps. Students must register online at and submit their app by October 15.

To learn more about the competition or to submit an app go to the website, email, or contact Katie McMillan at 808-295-5903.


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