Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Message for University of Hawaii at Manoa's 2017 Veterans Day Celebration

Mahalo nui loa to the University's Office of Veteran Student Services and all who have worked so hard to make this special commemoration a reality for our veterans, students, servicemembers, military families, and community.

On this Veterans Day in Hawaiʻi and across the United States, we as Americans honor the men and women who have served our country throughout our history, along with those who are still serving today, both at home and abroad. Throughout our nation’s history, we have been kept safe through the actions of the few, whose selfless service, vigilance, and loyalty epitomize what it means to be an American. It is our responsibility to honor their service and sacrifices by caring for each and every one of our veterans, and their families, and empowering them to be successful when they return home.  

The bond that exists between those of us who have served spans across all generations. This Veteran’s Day is an important milestone in our nation’s history, as we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War had a profound impact on our country and the State of Hawaiʻi, losing 276 of Hawaiʻi's own in this conflict. Together we he honor our Vietnam veterans, and all of our fellow veterans who have served throughout our nation’s history by caring for each and every one of our veterans, and their families, and empowering them to be successful when they return home.

Every single day, roughly 500 veterans are transitioning from military life to civilian life, joining the more than 2.9 million veterans who have returned home since 9/11 alone. We have a responsibility to ensure that our troops and veterans are set up for success in the 21st century economy when they lay down the uniform and transition to civilian life. I was proud to push bipartisan legislation through Congress earlier this year to expand and extend the GI bill, eliminate bureaucratic barriers, and empower our troops, veterans and their dependents to get the quality education they’ve earned and deserve. More than 7,000 Hawaiʻi veterans used their earned education benefit to open the door to new opportunities for them and their families last year, and this new law will help our next generation of service members to further build on this progress

In recognition of all those who served and sacrificed, let us renew our sacred commitment to those who have answered our country's call. May we find peace and be forever grateful for all our servicemen and women who are memorialized, not only in medals and memories, but in the heart of a grateful nation.

With aloha,

Tulsi Gabbard

Serving the People of Hawaii's 2nd District



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