Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Twitter: World Environment Day Chat with Defend Our Future

June 5, 2018
Press Release

Q1. Aloha, @TulsiPress! You grew up in and represent Hawaiʻi. What are some of the biggest environmental issues facing your state? #DefendOurFuture

A1. In #Hawaii, our home is made up of beautiful beaches, rainforests, oceans, and other natural wonders. Culturally, we grow up understanding that each of us has a responsibility to protect our home - our land, water, and air. #DefendOurFuture

A1. As an island community, we have experienced record-breaking sea levels, high surf that is eroding the land beneath homes, threatening basic infrastructure, making roads impassable, rising ocean temps & much more. #DefendOurFuture

A1. We are concerned about pollution in our oceans, poisoning of our water aquifers, and ending our addiction to fossil fuels (#Hawaii imported 91% of the energy it consumed in 2015!). We need to transition to completely clean & renewable energy.. #DefendOurFuture


Q2. As a Samoan American congresswoman, how do climate change and environmental issues affect the #AAPI community? #DefendOurFuture

A2. Climate change affects everyone & the need for clean air, land and water is critical for every community in our country & in the world. #DefendOurFuture

A2. Around the world, throughout Asia and the Pacific, and communities along our coasts, we feel the impact of climate change. #DefendOurFuture

A2. Minority communities and those living in poverty are often disproportionately impacted in places where the fossil fuel industry exists. They’re hardest hit by increases in illness and disease, pollution, and economic hardship. #DefendOurFuture

A2. I’ve introduced the #OFFAct – the most aggressive climate change legislation in history – that would transition our country to 100% renewable energy by 2035 & begin to address environmental justice, empowerment, and job training for vulnerable communities #DefendOurFuture


Q3. Hawaiʻi has been a leader in conceiving and implementing some of the strongest. What can the Mainland learn from the Aloha State? #DefendOurFuture

A3. I’m so proud of the leadership in our state!  Whether it’s banning harmful sunscreens to protect our coral reefs or being the 1st state in the nation to set a 100% clean energy goal, #Hawaii is leading the way #DefendOurFuture

A3. The people of #Hawaii have a unique understanding, common to indigenous people around the world, about how Mother Earth provides for us, and we have a responsibility to each other and to future generations to preserve the natural resources provided to us. #DefendOurFuture

A3. One of my favorite quotes from Mahatma Gandhi is “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” It’s important for us to understand the difference, and to apply this in our own lives. #DefendOurFuture

A3. #Hawaii offers the most wonderful and powerful gift to the world - the gift of aloha - which inspires us to treat one another and our planet with respect, care, and love.  #livealoha #DefendOurFuture

A3. As a nation we can build on the progress already being made in #Hawaii  & pass the #OFFAct to protect our people and our planet. #DefendOurFuture


Q4. For #WorldEnvironmentDay, we’re challenging the community to #BeatPlasticPollution. What are some steps that you’re personally taking to defend our environment? #DefendOurFuture

A4. When I was a teen, I co-founded an environmental non-profit called the Healthy Hawai’i Coalition & created a fun program called “the Adventures of Water Woman” for thousands of  kids across the state teaching the importance of protecting our environment #DefendOurFuture

A4. In Congress, I’m working to pass the #OFFAct to end our addiction to fossil fuels & put our country on a path to a 100% clean energy economy by 2035. My bill would build a clean energy future for generations to come. #DefendOurFuture

A4. As a lifelong vegetarian, I try to be conscious about the daily choices I make & how they impact the environment. Keeping a reusable bag in the car, carrying my reusable water bottle with me & stop using plastic straws are a few things we do in our home #DefendOurFuture

A4. Recycling is an important thing everyone can do - it’s not that hard. As a nation, we need to end the use of single-use plastic that pollutes our water and oceans, threatens marine life and washes up on our shores #DefendOurFuture


Q5. What can we, as young people, do to take action for climate justice in Hawaiʻi and on the Mainland?#DefendOurFuture

A5. More and more young people are becoming conscious of how their actions affect the world around them, and our future. With every action, there is a reaction. Decisions we make affect the quality of the air we breathe, food we eat, water we drink, and land all around us. #DefendOurFuture

A5. It’s important that everyone registers to vote, does your research & gets involved in our democracy to change destructive policies like spending billions subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, & instead make positive change to protect our environment. #DefendOurFuture

A5. Take action. Get your friends involved. Make changes in your life, and influence others to do the same. Call and write your elected officials, and hold them accountable. They are making decisions each and every day that will affect our today and your future. #DefendOurFuture


Mahalo to @TulsiPress for joining our #DefendOurFuture chat today! Keep following @DefendOurFuture for ways YOU can take action for climate justice on #WorldEnvironmentDay and beyond!

Mahalo, @DefendOurFuture! Thank you for all the work you’re doing to protect our planet now and for generations to come #DefendOurFuture

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