Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Statement at Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Hearing

April 7, 2014
Press Release

In case you missed it, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02) spoke at the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission hearing on “The Plight of Religious Minorities in India” on Friday, April 4.  She raised serious concerns about the timing and intent of the hearing in her remarks.
Below is her statement as prepared for delivery:
“I do not believe the timing of this hearing is a coincidence.  The national elections in India begin on Monday and continue until May 12.  I am concerned that the goal of this hearing is to influence the outcome of India’s national elections, which is not an appropriate role for the U.S. Congress.  Such interference with India’s elections would undermine our shared goals.
“The United States of America should always stand for religious freedom for all people in all countries and should always work to that end.  In this regard, we need to be especially careful not to directly or indirectly contribute to sectarian strife in India or other countries.  I am concerned that this hearing is an attempt to foment fear and loathing purely for political purposes, and that it’s being done to influence India’s national elections.  This is wrong and it will contribute to further sectarian division in India and will undermine the national interests of the United States.”
You may also watch a video clip of her statement as delivered here.

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