Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Facebook: Net Neutrality

December 20, 2017
Press Release

"The FCC’s corporate-backed repeal of net neutrality last week flies in the face of the American people who voiced comments, made calls, protested, and fought hard to ensure the Internet remains open, fair, and equal for everyone.

In #Hawaii, these safeguards are critical for access to tele-health services, employment opportunities, entrepreneurship, education, sharing creative content, and so much more. By handing the reins of the Internet to huge corporations, we threaten innovation and creativity, stifle competition, and turn the Internet into a pay-to-play forum.

Keeping the Internet open and accessible to all should not be a partisan issue – it's an American issue. It should be the level playing field that lets the little guy compete against industry giants without being silenced or muffled. That’s why I’m working across the aisle with my colleagues to overturn the FCC’s ruling and restore net neutrality."-TG


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