Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Facebook: College for All Act

November 7, 2017
Press Release

Student debt is crippling millions of Americans. The #CollegeForAll Act would make higher education accessible & actually affordable by eliminating tuition and fees at four-year public colleges and universities for families that make up to $125,000 a year, and making community college tuition fee-free for everyone-- something that’s already practice in countries like Germany, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It would also help us to dramatically reduce crushing student loan debt for both our students and their parents by cutting all student loan interest rates for new borrowers in half; enabling existing borrowers to refinance their loans based on the interest rates available to new borrowers – less than 2 percent for federal loans made to undergraduates; and preventing the federal government from profiting off of the student loan program.

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