Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: Criminal Justice Reform Is On The Horizon

November 4, 2016
Press Release

Honolulu, HI—Addressing the Academy of Architecture for Justice Conference today, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02) discussed the unprecedented bipartisan momentum behind criminal justice reform. The Congresswoman spoke about wide-ranging support in Congress for measures like the Recidivism Risk Reduction Act (H.R.759), the Sentencing Reform Act (H.R.3713), and the SAFE Justice Reinvestment Act (H.R.2944), and discussed her continued work to push these measures forward before the year’s end. She also discussed how successful local initiatives like veteran treatment courts, the Hawaiʻi Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) model, and State Juvenile Justice Hoʻopono Mamo Civil Citation Initiative are being used as justice reform models and being replicated in states across the country. 
“Our broken criminal justice system is perpetuating inequality and tearing apart families across the country. As soaring costs continue to drain our local, state, and national resources, over 40% of people released from prison return within 3 years. It’s clear our current system is not working,” said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. “Criminal justice reform is a rare exception to the divisive partisanship of Congress, uniting lawmakers and organizers on both sides of the aisle. Momentum in Congress is stronger than ever before, and we need all hands working toward passing widely-supported reforms like the SAFE Justice Act and Sentencing Reform Act before the end of the year.”   
Background: This is the first year that the Academy of Architecture for Justice Conference, hosted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), has been held in Hawaiʻi. Attendees included more than 200 top planners and designers of justice facilities across the country, as well as from Mexico, Canada, and Australia. The four-day conference is focused on sharing and developing best practices for justice architecture, including sustainable courts, detention and correction facilities, and public safety facilities. Click here more information.  
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is a cosponsor of bipartisan criminal justice reform legislation including the Recidivism Risk Reduction Act (H.R.759), the Sentencing Reform Act (H.R.3713), and the SAFE Justice Reinvestment Act (H.R.2944). Both H.R.759 and H.R.3713 have been reported out of committee, and are strongly supported by lawmakers in both parties. 

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