Rep. Gabbard on Facebook: Making Prescription Drugs Affordable

May 8, 2017
Press Release

For too long, the health insurance industry has played by its own rules. As a result of the industry’s antitrust exemption, insurance companies have been allowed to fix prices against consumers, forcing families across the country to pay grossly inflated premiums as insurance profits soar. We recently passed bipartisan legislation (HR372) to get rid of this exemption--an important step that will help to increase competition within the health insurance industry and lower costs for consumers-- but our work is far from done.

As we look at ways to help decrease costs for families in Hawaii and across the county, we also need to address high copayments and deductibles, and out-of-control prescription drug prices that are pricing out American families from their own health and wellness. I have long called for legislation to improve consumer choice, increase competition, and make insurance more affordable. I’ve also cosponsored bipartisan, bicameral legislation (H.R.1245) to lower drug prices by allowing the importation of prescription drugs from Canada--something that big pharmaceutical and insurance companies have long fought to block. These are the kinds of common sense healthcare reforms we need to actually help people & make quality health coverage affordable.

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