How We Can Help

If you live in Hawaiʻi's 2nd Congressional District and can't get an answer from a federal agency in a timely fashion, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly, our office may be able to help.

Please note: A Congressional office cannot file a claim for you and does not have the authority to instruct a federal agency to approve or deny an application. If you are already working with a federal agency to solve a problem but are experiencing difficulty with that agency, our office may be able to help by intervening to assure that your rights are respected and errors in procedure are corrected. While we cannot guarantee you a favorable outcome, we will do our best to help you receive a fair and timely response to your problem.

A note regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus: Please visit my dedicated COVID-19 Response Information and Resources webpage for information about what I am doing on this front in Congress and at home in Hawai‘i as well as federal, state, and local resources.


How Our Office Can Help:

Issues That Do Not Fall Under Rep. Tulsi Gabbard's Jurisdiction
The Office of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has the authority and jurisdiction to assist with issues regarding federal agencies of the federal government that are either part of the Executive Branch or Independent Agencies and Government Corporations. Issues with Hawaiʻi State or County Agencies do not fall under Rep. Tulsi Gabbard's jurisdiction, so we ask that you seek assistance from your local State Senator or State Representative or contact the Governor’s office. If you do not live in Hawaiʻi's 2nd Congressional District and need assistance with a federal agency, you can identify your Member of Congress at

The Constitutional separation of powers between the three branches of government also prevents judicial matters from falling under the authority of a U.S. Representative. Examples of these issues are:

  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • Criminal Trials or Imprisonment

Request Assistance

To comply with the provisions of the Federal Privacy Act of 1974, we cannot begin assisting with your case until we receive your completed privacy authorization form. In order to better serve you, please:

1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page with all required information. You may also need to provide the paperwork you have regarding your case which includes relevant agency letters, forms, and documents. 

2. Click "Generate Request for Review" at the bottom of the page 

3. Print, sign, and send the form to our Honolulu office by email, fax, or mail:


Fax: (808) 538-0233

300 Ala Moana Blvd, 5-104 Prince Kuhio Bldg.
Honolulu, HI 96850

Please include all pertinent information and claim numbers in your correspondence—such as:

  • Your Social Security number for a case involving Social Security;
  • Your VA claim number for a case with Department of Veterans Affairs;
  • Your Taxpayer identification number (Social Security number, if individual) for an Internal Revenue Service problem, etc.;
  • Your address and best phone number to reach you so that we can obtain any additional information from you that might be necessary;
  • Copies of any related documents or correspondence that you may have from the agency involved;

Please Note: The Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. § 552a) requires that Members of Congress or their staff have written authorization before they can obtain information about an individual's case.
We must have your signature to proceed with this type of request.

In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974, I give Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard authority to act on my behalf.

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Your Information

What are these options?
This is to help the constituents that are hard of hearing or use a video phone alert us to that fact so we can use the proper technology when we need to call them. The default option “Voice” is a normal audible telephone.

Print This Form

Use the Generate Request for Review button to produce the document to authorize our office to help you. Print, sign, and mail, fax, or hand deliver it to the address shown on the document. Please include any other documents or material that you think would help our office help you.

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