09/29/2020: COVID-19 Coronavirus Response Update

COVID-19 Coronavirus Response Update

Testing in Hawai‘i — Since yesterday, the Department of Health reports a total of 87 new cases and 2 additional COVID-19 related deaths. There are currently 2,002 active cases in the state.
134 have died
832 required hospitalization
10,256 have been released from isolation
There have been 415,940 diagnostic tests conducted as of today.
Tracing in Hawai‘i — The people of Hawai‘i should know how many active contact tracers there are on any given day, how many we have trained in reserve, what percentage of individuals with new infections they have contacted within 24 hours, and the state’s Infection Rate.
  • Number of Active Tracers = 288 (+23 from the previous week) *
  • Number of Trained Tracers in Reserve = 507 (-28 from the previous week) **
  • Percent of New Infections Whose Contacts are Traced within 24 Hours = ***
  • Infection Rate = ***, but COVID Act Now reports 0.88. (+0.01 since yesterday)
* The DOH only has weekly numbers. These are for the week of Sep. 21-Sep. 27
** The state only has weekly numbers. The updated dashboard no longer indicates for what time period this number is being reported. However, this is the same number that was reported for week of Sep. 7-Sep. 13.
*** the DOH provides no information.
One of the key problems with data reporting in Hawai‘i continues to be the lack of frequently and consistently updated information about contact tracing. Right now, we are pulling data from two different webpages the state is using to report the data.
George Washington University reports that, given the number of infections and the rate of infection in Hawai‘i today, the state should have 653 active tracers. The GWU contact tracing tool can be found in the CDC’s guidance on contact tracing.
Looking for federal and state COVID-19 resources — including directions on dealing with UI and PUA, local food banks, testing sites, and economic recovery programs for small businesses? Visit gabbard.house.gov/COVID-19.
State Offering Free Online Courses for Hawai‘i Residents — DBEDT is helping Hawai‘i residents learn for free. The Hawai‘i Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) is currently offering complimentary access to the Coursera online learning platform with registration open until Oct. 31, 2020. Approved users can take their pick from more than 3,000 courses and certifications from top universities and organizations, ranging from technology to business, and personal development offerings.
The initiative, administered through HTDC, offers educational resources to Hawai‘i’s workforce, especially unemployed workers, so they can equip themselves with technology skills and reposition for new career opportunities. Those currently employed or furloughed can leverage Coursera’s offerings to improve their professional skill-sets and take on more advanced technology projects. A list of HTDC recommended courses for those interested in picking up technology skills can be found at https://www.htdc.org/covid-19/learning-tech/.
Neighbor Island Prison Mass Testing Begins with Staff — PSD’s Health Care Division is continuing to work with DOH to conduct mass testing for COVID-19 at all correctional facilities statewide. The broad-based testing at the neighbor island jails is beginning with staff members. The Kaua‘i Community Correctional Center staff have already been tested by the DOH Kaua‘i District Health Office. All 53 staff test results were negative. The order of the facilities next in line for inmate testing is being worked out. The Halawa Correctional Facility is also undergoing staff testing this week with the help of the Hawai‘i National Guard. PSD and DOH are continuing mass testing of O‘ahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC) inmates to mitigate the spread of the virus in the incarcerated population. One OCCC inmate test result received Monday was negative. There are currently no inmates hospitalized. The total number of inmates who have recovered increased to 307. There was one new positive OCCC staff test result reported today. Total PSD staff recoveries increased to 83. Read the announcement here.

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