07/30/2020: COVID-19 Coronavirus Response Update

COVID-19 Coronavirus Response Update

July 30, 2020
Thanks to everyone who tuned in yesterday for my weekly virtual town hall. There were some great questions and I am glad we had a chance to discuss everything from how we can fight back against the spike in COVID-19 infections to concerns about reopening schools without adequate public health plans in place.
Unfortunately, today we saw another record number of new infections — 124 new cases. Many of these cases are in clusters among individuals who attended large gatherings but did not observe physical distancing, or in which everyone was not wearing a face mask.
Your health is important. The health of your loved ones and those around you are important. Even if you aren’t ill, you may be infected and could transmit the virus unknowingly — especially if you were recently around others. So if you absolutely must leave your home, please be sure to stay physically distanced from others and wear your mask — that covers your nose and your mouth — at all times.
Let’s all do what we can to protect ourselves and one another. We’re all in this together!
If you are in need of assistance, please call me at (808) 541-1986 or email me at TulsiOffice@mail.house.gov.
Mahalo and be well,
Tulsi Gabbard
Member of Congress (HI-02)

Telephone Town Hall on TUESDAY

With COVID-19 infections continuing to soar and Congress working to find a compromise and get additional emergency assistance out to where it is needed, I hope you’ll join me for my next tele-town hall on TUESDAY next week where we will discuss this and how we can make a difference in Hawai‘i.
Sign up for the event today by visiting my website!
Telephone Town Hall | COVID-19 Update # 19
Tuesday, August 4 at 4:00 p.m. Hawai‘i Time

Families of Workers Who Died of COVID-19 On the Job Now Suing

The Wall Street Journal notes that many families who are arguing that their loved ones died on the job due to COVID-19 are now suing companies for gross negligence and wrongful death. Companies targeted include Walmart, Safeway, and Tyson Foods — which Forbes Magazine reports has had over 10,000 employees test positive for COVID-19.
As Congress negotiates the next round of federal emergency assistance in response to the ongoing and resurging pandemic, the Senate Republicans are trying to include a liability shield for big corporations — for the next 4 years. House Democratic leadership disagrees.
Regardless of the outcome of these ongoing negotiations, the facts show we do not have this virus under control, we do not have enough testing and tracing, there is not enough PPE to protect people, and there is not enough enforcement to make sure that if people are returning to work, they are doing so safely according to the precautions necessary to prevent the spread of the disease.

Military Seeing a High Infection Rate in Young People

Military Times notes that the U.S. military is seeing a higher rate of infections in younger people — particularly in basic training or in advance of shipping out to overseas postings. The article notes that increased testing is catching these infections. However, these infections post a challenge to the readiness of our armed forces and the safety of our troops stationed across the world, as we have increasing reports of servicemembers arriving to their postings with infections and risking the spread of the virus to others on base.

COVID-19 Hawai‘i News & Resources

Testing in Hawai‘i — Since yesterday, there were a total of 124 new cases and 0 additional COVID-19 related deaths. There are currently 740 active cases in the state.
26 have died
177 required hospitalization
1,226 have been released from isolation
There have been 150,394 diagnostic tests conducted as of today.
Looking for federal and state COVID-19 resources — including directions on dealing with UI and PUA, local food banks, testing sites, and economic recovery programs for small businesses? Visit gabbard.house.gov/COVID-19.
Drive-Through Testing Tomorrow at Lahaina Aquatic Center — Drive-through COVID-19 testing will be held on Friday, July 31, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Lahaina Aquatic Center. The Lahaina Aquatic Center will be closed all day Friday due to the drive-through testing event. The Lahaina Recreation Center will be closed Friday morning and open at 2 p.m. Minit Medical will be administering the drive-through, with diagnostic and antibody testing available. Minit Medical will call individuals with all results, which are expected to take one to three days. Read the full announcement for more information.
Kaua‘i County Sees First COVID-19 Case Due to Interisland Travel — While the total number of cases in the county are low, one of the new cases is an adult who recently returned from interisland travel — the first time such a direct link has been established with a COVID-19 infection in the county. In his latest update, Mayor Kawakami notes that with infections surging in the state and across the country, this case reminds us that any off-island travel poses risks and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

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